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Hola. My name is Hezekiah and this is my journey to America. I was born on September 25th, 2006 in Guatemala and was placed for adoption.  My mommy and daddy fell in love with me the second they saw my picture.  They are fun, hard working, Christian people from Minnesota that love me a lot.   They are convinced I'm perfect and the cutest baby ever born!  They created this website so that my new friends and family can watch me grow up and get to know me a little before I come home.  I've been told my new home is in the United States of America and it is very cold there! My  mommy and daddy came to visit me after Thanksgiving and we had so much fun together!  I loved being held so much, I didn't want to sleep by myself at night!  I am excited to come home soon!! I know my mommy and daddy  miss me a lot.   Right now my foster mom is taking good care of me and I have a foster sister! 

My Birth Country- Guatemala

Guatemala- meaning land of trees, is very mountainous and heavily forested. It's the most populous nation in Central America!

Capital- Guatemala City (951,000 people)

Currency- Quetzals

Language- Spanish, Ameridian languages

Religion- Predominantly Catholic

Weather- Tropical.  Rainy season is usually around May-November. 

Over 1/2 of all Guatemalans (6.4 million people) live in poverty- more than any other Central American country.

68% of all children under 6 years of age live in poverty (about 17 million)

Over 3 million children in Guatemala suffer from malnutrition- 50% higher than any other Latin American country and is among the worst in the world.


(facts were collected from 2002 worldbook, national geographnic- people & places online, & wikipedia)



It's official! I'm a Reynolds! :)

Praise the Lord our case cleared the court!  Praise this last phase with documentation (his passport, etc) goes quickly so we can get our pick up date. Pray the US embassy issues our date with no problems or delay.



The Adoption Process

  • The adoption process in Guatemala can take anywhere from 6-9 months after the paperwork gets to Guatemala. 
  • Most children are cared for in 2 parent foster homes.
  • The adoption has to go through two courts and birth mom has to sign for the termination of her rights 4 times before it is finalized. 
  • The first court is called Family Court- this is when a mini-home study is done on the birth mom.  DNA testing is also done with birth mom and the baby during this court to ensure there is no child trafficking. 
  •  The second court is PGN (we don't know what it stands for), and this is when the courts analyze the adoptive parent's paperwork. 
  • After both courts are done the adoption is officially finalized and then the family gets a "pink slip" giving them an embassy appointment date (the adoptive family never has to appear in court).  The family goes down to Guatemala for 4-7 days at that appointment date and has one interview at the embassy and gets their child's visa to come to America.  Then they bring the baby home!  

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